Russian Women vs. American Men: Matrimonial Union Guarantees

According to recent research, Russian singles most want to marry Americans, French, Germans and Italians. Men of these nationalities are also very happy while seeking Russian women because of their high cultural level. Since the time of youth, Russian women have been very beautiful. Moreover, they are strong-willed and hardworking. Most Russian women seeking American men go abroad to get married there. Many people contact marriage agencies to find a decent wife from Russia.

What Do Russian Girls Think of American Men?

Back in the 90s of the last century, there was a trend for Russian marriages with foreigners. The trend was justified by the desire of Russian women looking for American men to leave for more prosperous countries from the post-Soviet state, which is in its infancy. Why do Russian girls strive to become the wives of Americans, and how do they see them today?

  • By love. Russian women do not always have selfish motives when they marry Americans.
  • The desire to break out of poverty and live in developed countries (usually Canada, the USA, and European countries).
  • Loyal attitude of American men to Russian women. A Russian woman in America noted that their local Russian men prefer to dominate relationships. The same attitude is manifested at work. It is no secret that the majority of leadership positions in the Russian Federation are occupied by representatives of the stronger sex.
  • Opportunity not to work but to take care of the house and children. Americans, in their opinion, earn much more than Russian men, so Russian women no longer need to earn money.
  • Desire to develop professionally abroad. In addition, the procedure for emigration by marriage is much simpler, which allows you to quickly “stand on your feet” abroad.
  • Loyal attitude of foreigners to Russian children. It’s no secret that Russian women often marry foreigners even if they already have children from previous relationships. In addition, in Western countries, this is quite normal.

In Russia, there are few men, let alone worthy ones. Unfortunately, in adulthood, a fairly large proportion of Russian women remain single.

do russian women like american men

International Marriage Views

In fact, there are even more reasons why girls in Russia looking for foreigners. All in all, everyone’s situations are different. Undoubtedly, the difference in cultural traditions, language barriers, and many other obstacles will be on your way to such a relationship. This also applies to American men seeking Russian women. As they say, you can’t command your heart. In addition, today the boundaries of cultures around the world are becoming more blurred and less tangible.

At first glance, it seems that a lot of us are similar except for language and appearance. To some extent, this is true. Those who have already been able to cope with language difficulties have received a pleasant bonus. They simply got the opportunity to choose the “target audience” in the relationship.

Despite the many shortcomings that you may encounter in relationships with Russian women, remember how much you love a person. Thus, it will be easier for you to cope with any problems on the way to a happy life together.

Along with minor everyday problems, the world will open up to you from a “completely different angle”. You will begin to become more multifaceted, you will feel changes in your views, you will adopt a new culture and way of life.

How Do You Know a Russian Woman Likes You?

Practice shows that even people with developmental disabilities find a couple if they look in the right place. You need to understand that not only guys are eager to meet a beautiful stranger. Still, girls are also waiting for their knights on a white horse. So, the conditions of the game are initially equal: you just need to know them and be able to use them correctly. So, in order to really like a European girl, you will first have to get to know her, that is, to speak. After all, only in the process of close communication, which girls love, one can understand their true intentions.

Ancient Body Language

If the conversation started and continues without significant downturns, then this is a sure sign that the guy and the girl were able to find a common language. Both at the dawn of civilization and today, women express their sympathy through characteristic body movements. Therefore, during a conversation, the guy should be more attentive to the gestures of his interlocutor.

An interested girl will do the following:

– often touch your hair;

– stare into the guy’s eyes;

– listen to the guy smiling or slightly opening his mouth;

– mend clothes;

– slightly tilt the body towards the guy;

– make your face look mysterious.

Of course, a girl can do all this just for fun. If her enthusiasm has not dried up even after an hour of intense communication, then the guy has every chance to meet her again.

Second Meeting

As a rule, the second meeting becomes a guarantee that the guy is not indifferent to a Russian girl. Based on the first conversation, an observant young man can draw very specific conclusions. If a girl smiled a lot, asked a lot of questions, made eyes, and did not keep track of time, then either she is a professional actress, or the guy is seriously interested in her.

In most cases, the second date confirms the success of the first. Conversations about the innermost, careful touches, a kiss on the cheek are quite appropriate. After the second date, the girl finally decides whether this guy suits her or is it better to look for someone else on a dating site. In a word, the relationship is gradually moving into a rose and candy stage.

Marry a Russian Woman

How Hard Is It to Marry a Russian Woman?

Citizens of Russia (as well as American citizens of the USA and Canada) can get married in Russia. It is possible to enter into a foreign marriage subject to the obligatory observance of the conditions. You must have mutual consent to marry a foreign partner. Both parties must be of marriageable age.

Citizens of Russia can marry from the age of 18 and in exceptional cases – from the age of 16. For foreigners, the minimum age for marriage is determined by the legislation of the country of which they are citizens in compliance with the requirements of the Family Code of the Russian Federation.

All documents of foreign citizens must be legalized in the manner prescribed by law, translated into Russian, and notarized without fail. If you have two citizenships, then you must submit to the registry office the documents that are required from citizens of the Russian Federation. Choose the one you like best and submit to the registry office the documents that are required from foreign citizens.

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