Japanese Women and American Men: What to Expect From Asian Beauties 

Japanese women have always been tempting in the eyes of American men. The beauty, nature, culture, as well as family values ​​of Japanese women, are all intertwined. Many American gentlemen seeking Japanese women and see them as their life partners. Attraction to Japanese women needs no explanation. It’s interesting to know if Japan women like American men and why Japanese women seeking American men. These are some of the main questions we are going to reveal in our guide about Japanese singles.

What Do Japanese Girls Think of American Men?

Why are Japanese women looking for American men? What is the essence of their global search, and what attracts them? To explain this in as much detail as one could list all the types of American men that Japanese ladies like and dislike. There are definitely ingrained stereotypes about American men that sometimes even repel Japanese single girls.

It is important to know what it is like to be attractive in the eyes of Asian beauty. However, before you even think about looking for the woman of your dreams, check out this helpful guide.

Asian Women Are Attracted to Boyish Americans

By “boyish”, is clearly meant the manifestation of masculine strength and intelligence. You should know that the fair sex in Japan is more attractive than in the United States. The best way to explain this is: you will be very good for a relationship with a Japan woman if you remind her of all your best. Japan girls go crazy for American men with a softer boyish nature.

They adore it when they can be strong and able to stand up for themselves and their beloved women. They are also drawn to the romantic side of Americans. The younger you look, the better it will play into your hands. Remember, it’s not just about looks: your boyish neat appearance should be combined with a boyish personality.

do japanese girls like american men

Japanese Women Dislike American Oversized Guys

Japanese girls prefer guys who look small and boyish. We have bad news for all the American guys who strive to look like movie stars at the gym every morning at 4 am. Japanese woman in America dislikes overly muscular guys. Almost all Japanese girls with whom we have already met speak about this. Think how many overly muscular men you see with Japanese girls or wives? We are not saying that this never happens. For example, everyone is different, and some Japanese women like black guys who are in the gym all the time. But this is rare but not the norm.

Japanese Women Value Americans Who Immersed in Their Culture

Japanese and American cultures are not the same. One of the biggest challenges you can face when marrying a Japanese woman is to take the tidbits of her culture and replace them with your own. For example, Japanese culture is about cleanliness and organization. You can consider yourself a very neat and organized guy before you marry her. You will be simply shocked when you first begin to live together.

Here are a few highlights:

  • Dirty clothes should be folded before being placed in the laundry basket;
  • Shoes should never be worn in the house;
  • One towel is enough to dry off after a shower.

You can go on and on, giving examples of how you have had to incorporate Japanese culture into your life. But that is not the point. The fact is that your relationship with a Japanese woman will not last long if you are incredibly stubborn and refuse to adapt to her lifestyle.

How Do You Know a Japanese Woman Likes You?

Pay Attention to Non-Verbal Signals

After observing the behavior of Japanese women at parties, bars, clubs, and restaurants, we have identified the characteristic of Japanese women when they like someone. However, this does not mean that the girl will serve them all. But the more signals you notice and the more often this happens, the higher the likelihood your signs of attention will be accepted.

A Japanese girl likes you if she:

  • Smiles at you;
  • Gives you short glances;
  • Looks away when you look at her;
  • Looks into the eyes for a long time;
  • Runs her fingers through her hair;
  • Licks lips;
  • Shows off the neck;
  • Tilts head towards you;
  • Turns to you sitting on a chair;
  • Touches your arm or shoulder;
  • Laughs when you speak;
  • Strokes an object in his hands.

The main signals of interest are a smile, eye contact, quick glances at you and away.

Don’t Rely on Just One Signal

If you notice some kind of signal, this does not mean that the girl is ready to marry you. She just finds you attractive and doesn’t mind if you make the first move. It can be a conversation, an invitation to dance, or a cup of coffee. Ask for her phone number and ask her out on a date. During the conversation, you get to know each other better. If she enjoys being with you, then she will continue to give non-verbal signals.

Asian girlfriend will let you know that she is not against a second date, perhaps even in plain text. If it goes well, you will notice further signals. For example, if a girl sits closer to you, she doesn’t mind some physical contact. Most likely, she will not be offended if you take her hand or kiss her at the end of the date.

Marry a Japanese Woman

How to Be When In Doubt?

When you notice signals from a girl but still doubt, ask her out on a date. Let it be something not too serious, like a cup of coffee. If she agrees, then everything is clear. If your chosen one refuses and gives some reason, use the “Brad Pitt rule”. It will help determine whether you are interested in a girl or not. Imagine that Brad Pitt invited her on a date instead of you. Would she still say that she needs to study or that she goes to the movies with her friends? No. Most likely, she would drop everything and go on a date with him.

How Hard Is It to Marry a Japanese Woman?

If you wish to marry a charming Japan woman in her country, then you must certainly do so in accordance with local laws. Marriage in Japan consists of registering the matrimony at a government office. Only this form of registration is a legal marriage in Japan. Note that wedding ceremonies held by religious organizations in Japan are not legal. In addition, consular officers are not legally allowed to contract marriages.

Who Can Get Oficially Married in Japan?

Japanese Civil Code provides the following requirements:

  • A male must be at least 18 years old, and the female must be at least 16 years old;
  • Persons under the age of 20 cannot marry in Japan without parental consent;
  • Some citizens related by consanguinity, adoption, or other marriages also cannot marry in Japan.

In addition, it is possible for Americans to legally marry in their home state. If your legal age of marriage in your home country is 18, then you cannot marry earlier than what is legal in Japan.

For more information, contact Japanese municipal government.

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