Italian Women vs American Men: Way to Prosperous Matrimony

Your first visit to Italy will amaze you so much that you will not be able to recover for a long time. The reason for this is not in Italian cuisine. You will be amazed by Italian singles with their ability to dress with taste, choose a good perfume, jewelry, and the ability to perfectly wear stoles and scarves. Italian women have gorgeous hair, heavy, curly, well-cut, and well-groomed. Italian women and American men is a great combination for family life.

What Do Italian Girls Think of American Men?

Italian girls love Hollywood movies and all the big stars as much as other girls. But that doesn’t mean desire or liking for American guys. It’s not their cup of tea. An Italian woman in America in general thinks of American guys. It’s just what’s on her radar.

Italian women may say how much they love American men, Irish men, British men, etc. But American men are such a mixed-race in their eyes. It’s really difficult for Italian women to identify with American suitors. Italian women prefer American guys because they see it as a way out of their predicament. They strive for a successful and prosperous marriage.

First Impressions

American men are very asual. Often, they show up on dates in anything they can get their hands on: from T-shirts with the logo of their favorite band to loose jeans that don’t fit them. Only if from work, you can afford a suit without a tie, even on the first date with an Italian girl. The Italians claim that the American partners care more about comfort. Very often, they like to joke that they are too dressed. This attracts Italian women who are looking for American suitors.

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Transition From Antiquity to Modernity

Italian women have a strong sense of cultural pride. This is what they expect from their American partners. A first date might be strolling the cobbled streets on a lovely weekend afternoon. You will enjoy telling stories from a favorite European country’s past spanning thousands of years. They also appreciate the insight of the American man and the impressions of his environment. American males have a strong sense of pride in their degrees and career. The first date might be to meet for drinks or dinner in the middle of the week and mutually discuss university studies, internships, promotions, and a work day.

Flirt & Laugh and Compliment

American men charm Italian women with their sweet words. USA gentlemen have had centuries to make a woman feel beautiful, loved, and desired. And all this happens on the first date. Still, keep in mind that this is not the first nor the last affection coming from their love interest.

American men are sweet and more outspoken in their outpouring of compliments. They may point out what they like about the woman’s clothes, or they like what she has to say. If they make the Italian bride laugh, they work hard to win her over completely.

Leadership & Heroism

American men appreciate the strength and intelligence of an Italian woman. They want to always take care of her and protect her during disasters and unpleasant moments. Most men would be offended if she reached for a check to split it in half, refusing what he had planned for their shared pleasure. The Italians shared that the goal of the American man is to create a wonderful experience with initiate courtship. Such a man sincerely wants to be met with simple kindness and attentiveness.

American men seeking Italian women have a natural inclination to take care of their woman and protect them. They tend to be more active and seek leadership. When women earn the same or even more, power struggles or blurring of boundaries can take place from making plans to determining the direction of courtship.

How Do You Know an Italian Woman Likes You?

If you met an Italian girl at a social event and agreed to see her again, then you are going on a date one hundred percent. But there are also more controversial situations. You exchanged a few words and decided that you should definitely meet. But here’s the annoyance. You liked the Italian girl very much. But how to understand her intentions? You only need to remember a few simple points to win the heart of Italian women seeking for American men:

All Your Jokes are Funny

Sometimes, it happens that you make an absolutely idiotic joke, but everyone around you suddenly starts laughing. If your whole meeting resembles such a situation, then you are on a date. Nobody jokes funny all the time. Even the coolest stand-up comedians can’t always deliver at least two funny punchlines in a row. If a girl laughs at every joke that comes out of your mouth, this does not mean at all that the talent of a comedian has awakened in you. She simply likes you.

She Looks Better Than Usual

If she looks better than the time you met then, that’s a sign. No girl will spend so much time on make-up for a friend. If during the meeting, she goes to the restroom and returns with a fresh layer of lipstick on her lips, then you can safely send a message to your friends in the general chat: “Boys, I’m on a date!”

“Random” Touches

Casual touching is like casual sex. It only happens when you feel like it. Some girls will convince you that they behave this way with everyone. Either way, touching is an integral part of communication for them. Some people cannot sit for an hour without the slightest tactile contact. But most often, these are just excuses. Remember that no one will touch you at all without the desire to get closer a little more.

Marry an Italian Woman

How Hard Is It to Marry an Italian Woman?

If an international couple is going to get married in which one of the partners is an Italian citizen, first of all, you need to decide whether it will be a church ceremony or secular registration. In the first case, you can organize a ceremony with two priests (Catholic and Orthodox) provided that it is translated and notarized certificate of baptism and not wedding.

To this are added the documents necessary for the secular ceremony. Due to the isolation of Italian regions and provinces, a bride from Italy is recommended to apply to the city registry office (Ufficio di stato civile del Comune) and clarify the list of documents which may differ slightly from that prescribed by federal law.

Main documents:

  • Identity card (carta d’identita) and application for free status and registration (autocertificazione di stato libero e residenza) of an Italian citizen (s);
  • Passport of a US citizen (s) with a valid visa;
  • By law, even without a visa, a couple must be married despite the fact that one of the spouses is illegally in Italy. Birth certificate (in some municipalities, it is required to be translated into Italian and apostilled). A certificate confirming the absence of obstacles to marriage and the so-called “nulla osta” (nulla osta al matrimonio).

Marrying an Italian is a rather time-consuming but worthwhile process. You can safely count on a successful and stable marriage.

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