Indian Women and American Men: What to Expect From the Union?

Girls from India are beautiful and graceful, dressed in a thin sari. The heroines of Oriental cinema are able to be bold and resolute and independently arrange their own destiny. The role of such a lady in this country is traditionally reduced to the creation of home comfort and the birth of children. Indian women seeking American men as economic backwardness and the authority of age-old traditions “keep” local women in real captivity.

What Do Indian Girls Think of American Men?

There is a stereotype that women from India are interested in Americans mainly for economic security, and Americans who are looking for Indian women, in turn, expect sexual pleasures from them. Also, Indian women and American men they date must be promiscuous. Yet girls from India are quite interested in American husbands. An Indian woman in America is by no means a rare sight.

Conformity of Foreign Marriage Between Indian Women vs American Men

In addition, there is patriarchy: Indian women looking for American men who dared to get out of the nest in search of a partner should not have decency. In local ladies, however, the desire for conformity prevails: a head that proudly rises at the sight of everything that dares to deviate from the norm. Thus, Indian singles prefer legal marriage in the United States and other American countries.

Union of Two Nations

Mixed-race couples often have to deal with skepticism about their relationship masquerading as a concern for cultural differences. This treatment of mixed-race couples is another expression of bigotry that disapproves of the marriage of Americans seeking Indian women. And a mixed couple in which one person is black often exhibits the worst kind of racism. Despite all these stereotypes and prejudices, the union between Indian women and American men is quite legal.

do indian women like american men

An analysis of intermarriage patterns using 1980 Census public microdata shows that there is a significant number of international marriages between Indians and white people than between black people and whites. Indians who live in traditional areas are more endogamous than those living in areas where Indians did not live traditionally.

In addition, Indians in traditional areas are more likely to marry whites than Indians in non-traditional areas (as amended). The results also show that endogamous American Indians are less educated and poorer than couples of any other type, such as endogamous black Americans.

How Do You Know an Indian Woman Likes You?

Indian beauty stares at you, laughs at your stupid jokes, and seems a little excited when she is around you. You don’t know for sure if she’s flirting, if she likes you as a friend, or if she doesn’t like you at all. Whether you’re in love with this girl and dying to know if the feeling is mutual, there are several ways to check if your Oriental lady likes you or not.

Take a Look at Her Body Language

If a girl likes you, she will try to face you. If a girl openly turns to you, then she is ready to communicate with you. If an Indian woman has a more closed posture such as crossed arms or legs, then most likely, your chosen one is shy or worried when communicating with you. Perhaps this is how she lets you know that she is not interested in communication. If a girl is sitting cross-legged, then pay attention to her feet. If they are directed in your direction, then most likely she likes you and would like to get to know you better.

Keep Eye Contact

If an Indian girl likes you, she will most likely look at you for a few seconds or look away as soon as you look at her. Each of these options is a sign that an Indian lady is interested in you. If your lady quickly looks away, it often means that she is worried or just not ready to reveal her feelings to you. You can still be still attractive to her.

Pay Attention to Context

The interpretation of body language depends on the context. For example, if you are talking with an Indian girl alone, her touching your hand for a few seconds can be perceived as flirting. However, if she just pats you on the shoulder to get your attention, you can hardly tell that she is flirting because she is just trying to help.

If you are talking animatedly about something, your Indian girl may look at you without taking her eyes off. But this does not always mean that she likes you. Maybe it’s her reaction to the conversation. However, if a girl maintains eye contact for a long time without talking to you, she is most likely interested in you.

How Hard Is It to Marry an Indian Woman?

Indian brides may be shedding their clichéd humble image. But when it comes to choosing a life partner, they still choose the traditionally accepted paths. According to the India Human Development Survey (IHDS) 2011-2012, a significant proportion of women in the country continue to marry without even the most basic form of communication with their future spouses until the wedding day.

Only half of the women aged 15-32 who were married in 2011-2012 had contact with their spouses in person, by phone or email, or even seen picture as the survey shows. The situation was even worse for older women. In some categories, only one in six women had some form of contact with their future spouses before marriage.

A higher proportion of urban women are expected to have interacted with their future husbands. In rural India, less than half of married women had any contact with their partners. A significant part of the local females gets married without even the most elementary forms of communication with their future spouses until the wedding day.

Marry Indian Woman

Suitable Marriage Age

Age is not the deciding factor when you should get married in India. You should only marry when you are ready both mentally and physically to enter into a relationship with local women.


Motherhood is indeed one of the most precious things in nature. But we must understand that the only goal of a woman is not just to become a mother. In fact, she has the choice of not becoming a mother at all. In addition, there are currently various ways to accept motherhood, such as adoption and surrogacy.

Can an Indian Bride Be Too Qualified for an American Groom?

Our society has set certain standards for the empowerment of women. This is definitely unfair. One of them is that it will be difficult for a successful woman to find an American fiance. Indian society has not yet grasped the fact that a woman can be more educated and qualified than her husband. An empowered woman has a successful career and can also be a good housewife.

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