European Women vs American Men: Possibility to Make a Family Partnership

American men are very interested in looking for European women. They are attracted to both external characteristics and internal features of European women. If you take the initiative for European women seeking American men, you will meet your true love. A European woman will definitely come up and offer to meet you. And no one will judge her!

What Do Europen Girls Think of American Men?

Self-reflection is a difficult task. However, despite the unsightly truth, we can become better. This constructive criticism goes beyond the conventional stereotypes in the eyes of European women seeking American men. Among other things, European singles consider that Americans do not analyze themselves properly. But nevertheless, they know how to be attractive partners. Traveling and living in other countries managed to compare positive and negative sides of European and American dating culture.

Americans Can’t Relax

It has been observed that American bachelors and married men are always in too much of a hurry. Food, coffee, rest, break, and even sleep. There’s always a task to complete, whether it’s meeting someone, writing an article, studying for a test, or arranging a business meeting. Americans live on a full schedule, unlike Europeans. Personally, few European women can put up with this American trait.

Vacation for European women means ignoring phone calls, messages and other unnecessary things. The necessity “to stay busy” puts a lot of European women looking for American men off the hook. European spouses manage to plan their time together in a completely different way. The urge behind the “necessity to stay busy” mentality is fueled by another trait that Americans frown upon: they love money very much. Americans seeking European women are striving to find more ways to earn than to devote themselves entirely to their personal lives.

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Obsessive Self-Interest

An American may object that making money is almost the meaning of life. For European women, it is still important to be a family and balance time between personal life and work. A European woman in America may argue that this can drive you crazy, harden you, and run you into huge debts. Americans manipulate consumers spending money they don’t have on goods they don’t need.

An aspect that defines the difference between women from Europe and American men is that Americans more value time rather than small amounts of money. Europeans in turn, value money more than time.

Smile All the Time

You should always have an exaggerated smile on your face when it comes to living in America. While in the United States, girls of Europe often came across at work, in clubs, establishments with such statements as: “Smile more!” or “What’s wrong with you? Why don’t you smile? Breaking news: not everyone is so happy to live every day to smile all day for no reason. Women in Europe see it fake. They see some kind of hidden emotion. Thus, a feeling of distrust arises.

Europeans are often considered cold as they don’t smile much. As long as they don’t frown or otherwise mistreat you, there’s no harm done. However, if you really love life that much and want a relationship, then keep smiling.

Loud Americans

Most foreigners have long complained about the loud voices of American bachelors. All of a sudden, wherever you go, Europeans would pay a lot of attention to you and your loud antics. Americans just keep living life to the fullest. They can just walk down the street loudly without realizing that only their voices are heard. Europeans love more discreet and gallant men. That doesn’t rule out the fact that she likes you, though.

How Do You Know a European Woman Likes You?

The language of human gestures is very diverse and can tell us a lot. Having studied in detail all the signals of a person’s body, you can successfully determine his attitude towards you, personal qualities, and more.

Here are some simple examples:

  • The look of a Europeans who is interested in an Americans can be seen from afar. Women of Europe will look at him with admiration, interest, and tenderness. When meeting eyes, she can look away embarrassed, but such things betray her even more.
  • In personal communication with a guy or before approaching him, a girl preens. She straightens her hair, paints her lips, dusts off her clothes. All this is because she wants to look her best in the company of an American man.
  • Watch the position of her body. Often a European wants to be closer to you, smell you and feel your strength. If she gradually reduces the distance between you or leans closer to you, then these are clear signs of her sympathy. When you try to be closer to a woman, she moves away. It means there is no sympathy on her part.
  • An involuntary smile during communication can be an indicator of politeness or sympathy. A restrained smile is a sign of politeness. But a slightly playful, gentle, and dreamy smile is a sign that a European girl likes to communicate with you.
  • When communicating, a European girl can express embarrassment in this way: she blushes next to you, blinks often, stutters, purses her lips.

Pay attention to the fact that signs of sympathy on the part of a girl coincide with signs that a man likes a girl.

Marry a European Woman

How Hard Is It to Marry a European Woman?

The US Census Bureau indicates in detail the marriage rate within the state with representatives of European nations. Its data show that the average age at first marriage in the United States has been on the rise over the past 70 years. According to the 2020 Census, the median age at first marriage in the United States was about 30 for men and 28 for women. This is the highest median age ever recorded in the US. This statistic suggests that today’s young people are waiting longer to get married than previous generations because civil marriages are now more common.

Civil marriage is recognized in all EU countries. Civil unions and registered marriage partnerships apply varied rules from those used for matrimony. National marriage rules and practices vary from state to state with respect to:

  • Rights and specified obligations for both parts of married couples: in relation to their property, parental role, or name in marriage;
  • Relationship in respect of religious or civil marriage: religious marriage is recognized as equal to civil marriage in particular countries. If you move abroad after entering into a religious marriage, the implications for your marital status should be carefully considered;
  • Opportunity for same-sex couples to marry. The following EU countries are legalized in this direction: Austria, Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Norway, and Iceland.

In general, it is possible to become legally married within European countries if you are going to marry a European citizen.

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